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MRG Contracting provides professional street sweeping services.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals, Schools
  • Highways / Bridges
  • Asphalt milling clean up
  • Construction sites

We are equipped with all aspects of a sweeping job. We have a dedicated workforce which is motivated to reflect pleasure in their work by providing services at the highest possible level. Our trained professionals remove the debris and litter in such a way that prevents pollutants from infecting the air and entering waterways. We take great pride in preserving the eco system of the environment. For maximum environmental benefit, air sweepers are used when possible to maintain a safe level of air quality control and the removal of fine matter.

Sweeper Models

  • Johnston Street Sweeper
  • Toro sweeper
  • Bobcat sweeper
  • 2 smaller units: an Ariens and a Sweepster

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