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During the 1970’s, Stanley Krawczyk worked as a gardener at the famous Molson Brewery Greenhouses and Gardens in Lethbridge, Alberta. He became well known in Southern Alberta when he co-hosted a gardening show on CJOC radio with Terry Bland. Bland gave Stan the nickname “Mr. Green Thumb.??? His local fame as a gardening expert gave Stanley the idea of starting his own landscaping business and he decided to stick with the name MRG Contracting. There may be other landscaping companies that call themselves MRG Contracting, but the company started by Stanley Krawczyk in Lethbridge is the original.

MRG Contracting started small but over the years we’ve continued to grow and expand our services to include full topsoil sales, trucking, line painting, excavating and snow removal.

The original MRG Contracting retired in the early 90’s, but not before he passed his knowledge, experience and commitment to customer service on to his son Peter.

Now in our second generation of operation, we continue to carry on the original MRG Contracting’s legacy of delivering quality topsoil and snow removal services in and around Lethbridge and throughout Southern Alberta.


You may ask why we do what we do, you may wonder why we are the way we are, but to us the answer is easy. With the guidance of a family owned company, to these points listed below you are sure to find out why we love doing what we do, for you!

We make sure your company maintains and improves your image to the clientele and the surrounding neighbourhood. We want everyone to see you as a good neighbour and an eye catcher.

We want to minimize, reduce, and even eliminate your company’s exposure to liabilities, by keeping the property clean, identifying and removing obstacles. We will help in designing and improving traffic flow with proper markings and signage including crosswalks and stop signs.

We pride ourselves in being timely. We are cost effective and are around the clock responsive! Meaning 24/7 we can be contacted to help with your needs and concerns!

We are great communicators! We strive for maintaining communication between owners and managers of the property, including working closely with property owners and tenants. We address tenants concerns, and are available for them at any time.

All this we will do because we are professionals, we are proud of who we are and proud to show off our name and our work for the face of your company.


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