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It can take 500 years for 2 cm of topsoil to form naturally. Fortunately, Mr. Greenthumb can deliver top quality topsoil to your property a lot quicker than that.

Topsoil is the uppermost 5 cm to 20 cm layer of soil. It has the highest concentration of nutrients and microorganisms, and it’s where plants concentrate their roots and get most of their food. Naturally occurring mineral topsoil is a precious resource and it’s protected and its collection is regulated right across Canada.

You might not think too much about your topsoil or where it came from, but not all topsoil is created equal. The mineral and organic composition of natural topsoil depends on where it was collected and the previous land use. Manufactured topsoil is made by mixing sand, silt, and clay. Add too much sand and the soil won’t hold water. Add too much clay and the soil is thick and difficult to cultivate. If the soil is too alkaline, many plants won’t grow well in it. Topsoil collected from abandoned fields can be infested with weeds that can take over your lawn and garden.

Make sure you get your topsoil from a reputable supplier.

If you need high quality topsoil for your next landscaping project, Mr. Greenthumb delivers throughout southern Alberta.

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