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If you weren’t already a gardening expert, you become one when you worked at the Molson Breweries Gardens and Greenhouses. That’s where Mr. Greenthumb founder Stanley Krawczyk learned his craft and become well known throughout Southern Alberta for his knowledge as a landscaper and gardening expert.

When he started Mr. Greenthumb almost 35 years ago, Stanley had three simple goals in mind – provide outstanding customer service, create beautiful yards and gardens, and build the best landscaping business in Alberta.

By holding true to his original vision, Mr. Greenthumb has continued to flourish and grow, and today offers an ever expanding selection of services.

We’re still landscapers at heart though, and offer quality topsoil delivery plus professional snow removal and excavating services.
Topsoil and snow removal businesses come and go like the seasons. You have to be good to continue to flourish and grow for 30 plus years.

For the most professional and knowledgeable topsoil experts in Southern Alberta, contact Mr. Greenthumb – Lethbridge Topsoil.

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